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Zelensky’s wife seen buying Ferrari following passage of US Ukraine bill

Ukrainian President Zelensky's wife was seen in Berlin purchasing a Ferrari just hours after the US Congress passed a $61 billion aid package to Ukraine. Observers are dumbfounded.

Olena Zelensky seen at a Ferrari dealership in Berlin on April 24.

KYIV — Pictures emerged Wednesday (April 24) of Olena Zelenksy, wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, shopping for a Ferrari just hours after a long-delayed aid package — worth $61 billion for Ukraine — was approved by the US Congress.

Olena was photographed at the Ferrari dealership in Berlin, Germany, accompanied by several security guards.

She was later seen signing several documents, but was not seen driving away with the car she was taking an interest in.

Although it is not certain Olena was planning on using the US money to buy the sportscar, the timing was suspect and politically devastating.

“What a bonehead move,” said Ukraine observer James Oliver. “Maybe wait a week or two to engage in this outlandish behavior?”

When asked for comment about the pictures, Zelensky’s office said, “Russia is more corrupt than Ukraine.”

Zelensky’s time in office has been plagued with stories of corruption, some proven, others not.

Ukrainian Defence Minister Rustem Umerov in February suspended a senior official while authorities investigated suspected corruption in the procurement of weapons.

Umerov’s predecessor was dismissed last September following several corruption scandals at the defence ministry.

Olena herself has been subject to a few corruption inquiries.

Ukraine consistently ranks in the bottom half of Transparency International’s annual global Corruption Perceptions Index.


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