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Kristi Noem calls for national ‘Shoot Your Dog Day’

Observers are worried some will take the move as a license to shoot 'yappy pieces of shit' in their neighborhoods, rather than limiting the slayings to their own dogs.

Some dog owners seemed upbeat on word of a national dog shooting day.

PIERRE, South Dakota — South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem escalated her rhetoric over canine etiquette by calling for a national “Shoot Your Dog Day”.

“We will no longer be a silenced minority,” Noem yelled in front of a crowd of cheering supporters. “Yep, we shoot our dogs, and we are proud of it. That’s why I’m standing here today to call for the establishment of a national Shoot Your Dog Day.”

Noem has come under increasing criticism over her recently released memoir in which she described how she killed one of her own dogs. According to her account, the dog was dangerous and had attacked a number of people, and she decided the time had come to shoot the dog dead.

In principal for the proposed holiday, the government would select a certain day of the year for the gun laws to be relaxed, and the fun would start there.

Many are wondering why President Joe Biden hasn’t shot his own dog Commander, who has 24 officially recorded instances of attacks.

Observers are also worried some will take the move as a license to shoot annoying dogs in their neighborhoods.

“Only shoot your own dogs, not anyone else’s,” said Sarah Smith from Mobile, Alabama. “Unless of course you have one of those yappy pieces of shit on your block. I could see that as exception.”

“We got guns. We got dogs. I don’t know why it took so long for someone to come along and combine those two things,” said Harry Truman of Pierre, South Dakota.

“I say just shoot your dog wherever. It don’t need to be no ditch or nothing. Even in your own living room would work,” he said.


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