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Israeli leaders differ on how many Gazans they can kill with new US aid package

Now that Israel has defenseless and starving Gazans amassed in Rafah, the newly acquired US weapons will go a long way in killing an untold number of them. Israelis leaders differ on how many.

Israeli military personnel inspect newly acquired weapons. [IDF]

TEL AVIV — Israeli leaders engaged in a rare public spectacle on Thursday (April 25) debating how many Gazans they could kill with the weapons provided by the newly approved US aid bill.

“My take is more than 20,000 but some of my detractors say I’m being much too conservative,” said Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

US President Joe Biden signed the $26 billion aid package for Israel on April 24.

“This critical aid is key to keeping our world safe from violence and mayhem,” said Biden.

After Israel disregarded previous red lines at 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 dead, Biden says this time 50,000 is the real one.

In a lively press conference in Tel Aviv, top Israeli commander Rav Aluf Herzi Halevi shot back at Gallant’s estimate.

“40,000 minimum,” said Halevi. “Now that we have them grouped together and defenseless in Rafah, we can take out twice as many Gazans as this weakling says,” he raged, pointing at Gallant.

Whatever the eventual casualty rate, the imminent Rafah invasion will be a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

Weeks ago, US generals said the increasing array of emergency food and humanitarian delivery into Gaza was critical in keeping the targets for US bombs alive and well.

“You can’t bomb dead people, or at least it’s a rather silly notion,” said US Army general Max Richard at the Pentagon in March.


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