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In desperate move, US to employ Candygram delivery service for Gaza aid

In desperation, the United States will begin using Candygram deliveries to get aid into Gaza.

CAIRO, Egypt — The United States announced on Saturday (March 9) that it would attempt to employ Candygram personnel to delivery vital humanitarian aid to the starving people of Gaza.

For weeks desperation has grown as Israel continues to hamper near all humanitarian aid efforts attempting to deliver food, medical supplies and other key material going into Gaza.

Hundreds of thousands of Gazans are on the brink of starvation, international observers say.

“Israel is blocking all attempts by aid organizations to help the people of Gaza,” said a senior US official speaking the condition of anonymity. “We figure the Israelis won’t notice a few Candygram guys coming with nice looking boxes.”

When asked why the United States doesn’t simply stop sending arms to Israel as a means to pressure its leaders to allow aid through regular crossings, the official brushed off the suggestion.

“One, this war is great business for the military industrial complex, and that is making everyone happy in the upper echelons of power and finance,” he said. “And two, cutting off Israel would upset too many American Jews and Christian Evangelicals who have the money and power to make life miserable for whomever dares to suggest such an idea.”



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