Alabama institutes public stoning in bid to outdo Louisiana Ten Commandments law


Victims of the new public stoning law include women accused of adultery, women who get abortions, and generally any women who talks back to a man in public.

‘Trash burgers’ become new hit in forsaken, desperate Gaza


With humanitarian aid all but halted due to Israeli intransigence and US bumbling, Gazans have come up with a new way to avoid starvation: trash burgers. Some are even using their own blood as a condiment.

Gaza pier turned karaoke bar falls into sea in latest US embarrassment


Starving Gaza revelers were going wild during a rendition of "Space Oddity" by David Bowie when the stage fell into the sea.

After aid delivery flop, US military’s Gaza pier to become karaoke bar


The US military's aim of distraction was a hit on the first night, with even Hamas militants joining the fun amid Israeli airstrikes in the background.

Kristi Noem calls for national ‘Shoot Your Dog Day’


Observers are worried some will take the move as a license to shoot 'yappy pieces of shit' in their neighborhoods, rather than limiting the slayings to their own dogs.

Marjorie Taylor Greene finally finds Congressional support in bill to remove herself


The bill, named "Make Congress Great Again", proposes that Greene be removed from office immediately on the grounds of needing a win on something. "She's a great uniter," Trump said upon hearing the news.

LGBTQIA2S+ community files suit against Israel, Hamas for taking too much spotlight


The queer community threatened to add another category onto its ever expanding acronym list unless the media focused attention away from the 'petty problems' of Israel and Hamas. Black Lives Matter decided to join the unprecedented lawsuit.

Israeli leaders differ on how many Gazans they can kill with new US aid package


Now that Israel has defenseless and starving Gazans amassed in Rafah, the newly acquired US weapons will go a long way in killing an untold number of them. Israelis leaders differ on how many.

Zelensky’s wife seen buying Ferrari following passage of US Ukraine bill


Ukrainian President Zelensky's wife was seen in Berlin purchasing a Ferrari just hours after the US Congress passed a $61 billion aid package to Ukraine. Observers are dumbfounded.

Biden sends hush money to judge overseeing Trump hush money trial


Biden's 2024 presidential campaign reportedly sent hush money to the judge overseeing Trump's hush money trial, in an effort to silence the judge about previous bribery payments he received.