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Abu Hamza has been covering the Middle East and the Islamic World for over a decade. He likes smoking sheesha.

‘Trash burgers’ become new hit in forsaken, desperate Gaza

With humanitarian aid all but halted due to Israeli intransigence and US bumbling, Gazans have come up with a new way to avoid starvation: trash burgers. Some are even using their own blood as a condiment.

Gaza pier turned karaoke bar falls into sea in latest US...

Starving Gaza revelers were going wild during a rendition of "Space Oddity" by David Bowie when the stage fell into the sea.

After aid delivery flop, US military’s Gaza pier to become karaoke...

The US military's aim of distraction was a hit on the first night, with even Hamas militants joining the fun amid Israeli airstrikes in the background.

Israeli leaders differ on how many Gazans they can kill with...

Now that Israel has defenseless and starving Gazans amassed in Rafah, the newly acquired US weapons will go a long way in killing an untold number of them. Israelis leaders differ on how many.

Biden declares 50,000 Gaza dead his new ‘red line’ for Israel

After Israel disregarded previous red lines at 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 dead, Biden says this time 50,000 is the real one.

Israeli developers publish plans for luxury beach homes in post-war Gaza

'The main issue here is the Palestinians obviously,' a developer said. 'Once we get them into Egypt, some real development will finally happen.'

In desperate move, US to employ Candygram delivery service for Gaza...

With nearly all other options off the table to deliver aid to starving Gazans, the US is turning to an oldie but goodie: Candygrams