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After aid delivery flop, US military’s Gaza pier to become karaoke bar

The US military's aim of distraction was a hit on the first night, with even Hamas militants joining the fun amid Israeli airstrikes in the background.

Hamas militants lead the party on the US-built pier in Gaza.

GAZA STRIP — After suffering an embarrassing setback in delivery aid via its much-touted temporary pier, the US military announced that the $300+ million project would instead become the location of a lively night scene, starting off with karaoke Wednesdays.

“Everyone loves to sing, even in wartime,” said Pentagon spokesperson Pat Ryder. “We are going to set up some mics, get some tiki drinks, and it’s going to get wild.”

For weeks the Biden administration and the US military have been touting the massive aid deliveries that were supposed to reach thousands of suffering Gazans, but those ambitions were thwarted after trucks leaving the pier were looted and aid groups pulled out of the deal.

“You know what they say, when thing start to not go your way, distract, distract, distract,” said US military observer Paul Oberoy.

“Gazans may soon forget their misery if you fill them with drink and show them some skin,” he said, adding that while alcohol and scantily clad women are against conservative Islamic norms, “nearby airstrikes tend to change people’s behaviors”.

The first night was deemed a success, as even some Hamas militants joined the fun.

“The US government is Satan but we love the county’s sinful music,” said Abdulrahman, Hamas commander of Rafah.

For over an hour, Abdulrahman sang atop an aid truck on the pier, starting with “Imagine” by John Lennon above adoring crowds of starving but happy looking Gazans.

Later on, he set the house afire with his rendition of “Love Shack” by the B-52s.



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